Dr. Milton Schwartz

Dr. Milton Schwartz

41 Great Years and Counting 

Doctor finds inspiration in the compassion and integrity of St. Mary staff

Dr. Milton Schwartz has been practicing medicine for 51 years.  After graduating from Temple Medical School and working as a flight surgeon in the Air Force he opened a practice in Bucks County.  That’s when he met Sister Clare Naughton, the first hospital administrator at St. Mary, and she quickly recruited Dr. Schwartz to help care for the patients at St. Mary.  Dr. Schwartz’s relationship with St. Mary has lasted 41 years and counting.  Over those 41 years a lot has changed in Bucks County and in medicine. But some things remain constant, his commitment to his patients and his belief in St. Mary’s mission to provide quality care to all who need it.

When Dr. Schwartz was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002 he turned to St. Mary and the medical staff for his care.  His doctor, Judith Gallagher-Braun, discovered the lump in his throat and referred him to Dr. Robert Reilly. An aggressive treatment plan of chemotherapy and radiation was prescribed, but doing his due diligence, Dr. Schwartz sought a second opinion at Fox Chase.  The doctors there concurred with the treatment plan and told him to go back to St. Mary for his care.  Dr. Schwartz turned to a team of experienced physicians, technicians and nurses at St. Mary for his eight week radiation therapy. St. Mary was and still is a leader in advanced cancer care.

During his five months of recovery, Dr. Schwartz turned to his second profession and love — playing the violin — to find the strength and reason to keep fighting.  As a professional violin player, he is a member of numerous orchestras including the Newtown Chamber Orchestra, which he has been affiliated with for the past 25 years.  Because of the dedication, determination, and skill of medical staff that cared for him, Dr. Schwartz has lived to experience the joy and love of three more grandchildren.  Twelve years later and still going strong, Dr. Schwartz continues to care for patients, spend time with his family and play his violin.  “After I recovered, I truly understood the quality of care St. Mary offers and wanted to give something back and recognize the medical staff who took care of me and helped me while I was recovering.  The Guardian Angel Program allowed me to do both.”

Dr. Schwartz remembers Sister Clare’s compassion, drive and determination to achieve excellence in the delivery of quality healthcare:  A hospital whose employees and physicians show compassion, integrity, and a unique combination of caring for the body, mind and spirit.  He feels privileged to play a role

in caring for the community and is grateful to the physicians and nurses who cared for him.

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